a little OA & a little EP…….

Hi! Thought I’d do a quick post this lovely Saturday afternoon & show a couple albums I’ve finished up 🙂

First off is a mini-album titled “Love Everyday Happiness” I made using Echo Park‘s dreamy ‘Sweet Day’ Collection… I adore this collkection and couldn’t wait to do an album with it the moment I first saw it:) I love the whimsical & refreshing pastel colors, trendy ‘quilt-like’ patterns, and light & airy quaint elements – it’s like a summery day filled with ice cream and picnics:) The base album is 6×6 and has a total of 10 premade pages – 7 are chipboard with the cover, back, and middle pages being acrylic with descending tabs. So, total, there is 18 decorated front & back pages – which makes for a pretty hefty sized album:) As usual, there’s handmade flowers & embellishments, journaling, and matching decorative frills, as well as machine stitched borders & decorative ribbons framing every photo placement.

cobv  Mini Album Echo Park Love Everyday Happiness1 Echo Park 'Sweet Day' Mini Album Echo Park 'Sweet Day' Mini Album   Echo Park 'Sweet Day' Mini Album
Echo Park 'Sweet Day' Mini Album Echo Park 'Sweet Day' Mini Album Echo Park 'Sweet Day' Mini Album Echo Park 'Sweet Day' Mini Album Echo Park 'Sweet Day' Mini Album Echo Park 'Sweet Day' Mini Album image_1364844734 image_1364844801
1 16 14 2 17 image_1364844629 8 5 3  15 12 11 109 7 13 6
My next album was one I made for my Nephew’s girlfriend’s last Birthday using the ‘Chapter Insert’ pages & Mini Book from the appropiate celebatory October Afternoon’sCakewalk‘:
 'Celebrate' Birthday Album 'Celebrate' Birthday Album1 'Celebrate' Birthday Album2  'Celebrate' Birthday Album3 'Celebrate' Birthday Album4    'Celebrate' Birthday Album5 'Celebrate' Birthday Album6 'Celebrate' Birthday Album7 'Celebrate' Birthday Album8 'Celebrate' Birthday Album9 'Celebrate' Birthday Album10  
'Celebrate' Birthday Album11I love how cute and simple it turned out:) Something you can journal in, plus add photos & keepsakes…
My last album uses  October Afternoon’s ‘Cakewalk‘ again with a ‘WORD’ album from Bo Bunny as it’s base :
Super fun & original looking, but used up a lot of sandpaper shaping the edges – so, be warned if you’re looking to make one of these on your own… unless, of course, you have a ‘custom shape die-cutting machine’ – then I’m just jealous:)
party party1 party2    party3 party4 party5
party6 party7 party8 party9
Well, that’s it for today! Enjoy your weekend!

TFL & God Bless:)


The Lord has done great things for us,
And we are glad.        Psalm 126:3 (NKJV)

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3 Responses to a little OA & a little EP…….

  1. Karey says:

    Really enjoyed seeing these. The 1st one is my fav.
    BTW Don’t know if you saw Rick Warren of Saddleback church in CA (author of the purpose driven book) son committed suicide today after battling depression. Pray for them and their church.

  2. Cindi says:

    Very inspiring projects – you do beautiful work.

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