‘Cheer-Me-Up’ Mini Albums………

I’m definitely a sunny/summer person – I mean, I need my ‘Bask-In-The-Heat-&-Soak-Up-Vitamin D’ time to stay sane… This, however, contradicts everything Minnesota is about – especially during the months we have snow, which is basically September thru May  😦 (note that’s more than half of the year….)

Anyway, of course winter here in MN is dragging on & I’m in dire need of some sweet sunshine. So, I thought I’d attempt to brighten things up and start you with my fun ‘Hello Summer’ Mini Album:) I made this particular album a while ago… I used Echo Park‘s cheery ‘Hello Summer’ collection & a standard, plain 6×6 square chipboard album.  As you can see. each page is loaded with the bright, happy colors, machine stitched photo borders, and handmade ribbon & floral embellishments….

281109_425755334145254_1307828571_o  665632_425755614145226_186479594_o   56471_425755704145217_246675976_o photo (1) 664766_425755814145206_1068656684_o photo 617248_425755910811863_1270837011_o

Just looking at that album cheers me up:)


Moving on to spring…. This whimsical mini album up next, I call “Spring in Bloom”

Fun & lighthearted, this 5″x7″ album consists of 5 chipboard pieces – each covered with Little Yellow Bicycle’s cheery Deja Views C-Thru Spring Kit. Every page has Designated Photo Placement Areas, Handmade Flowers & Embellishments, Ribbons, Journaling, and other Adorable Decorations

382249_471723259548461_556775148_n528194_471723376215116_1377714246_n535495_471723386215115_1875117686_n482656_471723399548447_1985906133_n 26317_471724022881718_1227076269_n  181022_471723209548466_406315823_n


11583_471723302881790_854794509_n 533011_471723309548456_1205018751_n   479856_471723222881798_1784452484_n 66988_471723362881784_1302378656_n 524611_471723332881787_656874738_n 59731_471723249548462_1331749285_n 285607_471723346215119_1430284420_n 419199_471723262881794_1555755236_n 733903_471723292881791_1092832770_n

This playful & vibrant album is the perfect keepsake for those special spring-time memories, as well as everyday fun out in the garden or splashing thru April-Showers’ Puddles:)                  (I originally majored in business & marketing – can you tell? Lol;)….)


Last, but not least, I have a wonderful acrylic mini-album titled “Life is Good.” I used Echo Park on this one too – this time it was their bright, vintage-vogue collection called ‘For the Record 2 – Tailored‘. This collection’s stunning patterns and colors were inspired by the classic antique dressmaker shops, and have a chic distressed & eclectic appeal that works together beautifully.  I absolutely love it♥

Although, instead of my usual chipboard, this time I used a 6×6 Acrylic album.  It was a little different to work with – such as I found that since it left visible scratches on the surface, I wasn’t able to sand my edges down if the paper wasn’t perfectly shaped to fit the acrylic page….  This just meant that if something didn’t fit correctly, I had to gently sand down the paper’s edges before adhering it to the acrylic… which worked, but was tedious & fickle since it was hard to ‘de-flimsify’ the paper were sanding so it wouldn’t rip…  My already deficient patience exhausted quickly…. 🙂 I probably just have to come up with a different routine when I do an Acrylic Album – Live & Learn, right? 🙂 Anyway, overall, I really like the durable & solid feel to the finished product compared to a chipboard album…. And I love the unique & eclectic look of the framed cover & varying page shapes throughout the album…I think it turned out pretty good! 🙂

The Good Life Album cover 1 The Good Life Album 11111 The Good Life Album 2 The Good Life Album 3 The Good Life Album 4 The Good Life Album 5 The Good Life Album 6  The Good Life Album 7  The Good Life Album 8 

The Good Life Album 964803_466026050118182_514882460_n  12996_466019626785491_2012258868_n Life is Good Album Edited Details 6 526684_466026223451498_675115801_n 404554_466025563451564_340977316_n 188351_466019596785494_592528786_n 482498_466025540118233_700449076_n 426131_466025583451562_2092294853_n 543709_466019520118835_1086103648_n  72930_466019590118828_14566652_n Life is Good Album Edited Details 3 603889_466019530118834_2005316721_n Life is Good Album Edited Details 5 Life is Good Album Edited Details 4 48151_466025610118226_1089358562_n604012_466019576785496_1449958273_n 69268_466019436785510_922021921_n   16412_466025480118239_1227746000_n  


The Good Life Album Spread FrontThe Good Life Album Spread Back

With papers and elements of buttons, sewing machines, and beautiful florals, this sophisticated album is “Tailored” just for you and your beautiful memories…

(now that ad line is borrowed from Jessica Sprague, so… can’t claim that one, lol;)….)

Well, that’s it for now…
TFL & God Bless:)

-Carrie ♥

Philippians 4:7-8  
And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things. (NIV)
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