it’s a hodge-podge post – filled with mini-albums and frames………..

Hello, Everyone!

I hope ya’ll are having the same gorgeous sunshine that we’re finally having up her in MN! Dare I say it? Has Summer arrived? 🙂 I gotta tell ya though, I got major sunshine-fever…. The pavement and my iPod have been calling my name! Unfortunately, I still have 3 more weeks until I can even ASK for clearance from my doctors to start running again 😦  But, I can’t complain too much – they are now allowing me to take short walks – which, when I think about it, makes sense. Walking is probably the best way to ease into things….  I have to remind myself that I haven’t been able to go running for a year and a half since my back injury, so it’s unlikely I’m going to be able to start back where I left off in my old routine:) But, with some PT and taking it slow, I’m really hoping to get back to it!

Now, I know it’s been a while since I last posted – but it’s been crazier than ever around here since my surgery last month!  I’m healing nicely from my disc replacement & I definitely feel better than I did before the procedure, but my surgeon says we won’t know the full outcome until I’m 6 weeks post-op – so keep your fingers crossed! However, since I’ve been recovering, things just seem to take a little longer than normal – especially since my incision involves all my major abdominal and core muscles…. muscles which are used in every stinking, possible human movement, lol!  But, I’m muddling thru & have learned I just have to prioritize… unfortunately, blogging had’t made the cut until recently 🙂 Sorry!

So! On to crafting! Today’s post is kind of a ‘hodge-podge’ of things – a little bit if this, a little bit of that…. I thought I’d post another Baby Mini-Album I made using my all time baby-fave line: Little Yellow Bicycle’s ‘Snugglebug Boy’  I had made this for my sister to give as a shower gift for one of her ladies from church & it went over pretty well! Everyone seemed to like it, so perhaps I’ll have to start up some ‘Mini-Album Side-Jobs’! One never knows….! 🙂  I also have a re-finished altered photo frame using some October Afternoon that I finally got around to finishing – as well as some awesome news that I’ll save for the end!

First up: Baby Mini Album:



Products Used:

*Paper & Embellishments (unless otherwise noted below): ‘Snugglebug’ Collection (boy) – Little Yellow Bicycle

*White Foam Letters/Red Foil Corrugated Alphas: Thickers – American Crafts

*Twine: Multicolored Baker’s Twine – Martha Stewart (in red & brown); stock hemp twine

*Ribbon & Buttons: various from multiple collections and manufacturers 

*Chipboard: Combined Various Shaped Packs found at Michaels

*Tools: Shape & Border Punches used from Fiskers, EK Success, & Martha Stewart; Epiphany Crafts Studio Pennant Shape Tool, Mod Podge; Scotch Double-Sided Tape and Mounting Tape

As you can see in my past posts, I really love this collection for baby projects. I also have so much of it that it’s is my ‘go-to’ for Baby Mini Albums:)  It’s been strange though – I have had so many friends and gift requests for people having babies recently, and they’ve ALL been BOYS! Not a girl in the bunch! Needless to say, when my sis-in-law told us she was expecting later this year and the ultrasound showed a girl – I was super excited! Excited for her and her husband, but also excited that I finally get to use Baby Girl Paper, lol! 🙂

Anyway – on to my 2nd project:  An Altered Frame using October Afternoon’s ‘Go Fly a Kite’ Collection:

This was a super fun & easy project! I’ve actual had this frame laying around since before Christmas; I think I bought it unfinished at Micheals last November.  I had sanded it right away & modge podged the paper on – thinking I was going to use it as a gift – but never did! So, when I found it last week in my craft closet, I stuck one of my favorite quotes in it & fancied it up a with some quilled butterflies from Martha Stewart Crafts! Cute, huh?

Products Used:

*Frame: ArtMinds™ Square Unfinished Wood Frame

*Paper & Embellishments (unless otherwise noted below): October Afternoon ‘Go Fly a Kite’ Collection

*Butterfly Stickers: Martha Stewart Crafts Quilled Butterfly Stickers

*Tools:  Mod PodgeScotch Double-Sided Tape 

And….. on the Fun News: Here is some personal awesomeness – one of my cards was published in this month’s CARDS Magazine! This was my first publication, so I was super thrilled about it 🙂  Check out the spread below – the first picture is this month’s ‘CARDS Magazine’ May 2012 cover, followed by my card, page 121:


Pretty Cool, right? You can check out the full issue at Northridge Publishing’s site by clicking here. They have present and past issues in both printed & digital to purchase as well:)

Well, I think that’s it for today – I’m going to go out and enjoy some sunshine before it gets too late!

Thanks for stopping by & God Bless!


“Because of the tender mercy of our God, by which the rising sun will come to us from heaven” Luke 1:78 

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