Pinterest Inspiration…..

Ok, so I’ll admit it… I’m a HUGE Pinterest Junkie… Possibly to the point of needing intervention… 🙂 But, I can’t help it – I’m addicted to looking at pretty things & the color inspiration serves as my muse:) And since MN seems to be holding onto winter with a vengeance with snow & ice galore, curling up with hot coffee, an old quilt, and my iPhone’s Pinterest App has been a little slice of heaven to me this morning:)

So, today I thought I’d share some if my recent faves that I’m loving… (Maybe they’ll give you some warm & fuzzy inspiration as well)

Dreamy Color Palettes..


Things that are just plain fun, pretty, and whimsical…


Things I want in my house… or backyard…:)


(check out my Pinterest Page for photo credits.. they didn’t want to transfer with the photos…)

How Delicious is all this? I love using color palettes and style photography shoots for ideas with my projects, so I actually have a lot of ‘Bridal’ websites bookmarked since they’re packed with all of the above:) I got completely hooked on these when I was scouring the web for inspiration for my own wedding a couple years ago – which took place at my in-laws in their backyard, which is huge, so it worked:) My mother-in-law & I have similar tastes, so she got my vision of a ‘fun, whimsical backyard picnic’… We have banners, ribbon galore, mismatched tables & chairs, and old quilts for people to picnic on…. I loved it!  (My awesome mom and sis worked their booties off with me since it was total DYI, but I couldn’t have asked for a better result:)… )

here’s a couple pics… 🙂   

Cute, huh? Anyway, thanks for stopping by…. I think I’ll spend the rest of afternnon doing some crafting:) It’s a ‘Snow Day’ & all 3 boys are home, so we’ll see how successful I am in that endeavor:)

God Bless,


Ecclesiastes 3:11a He {God} has made everything beautiful in its time.

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