Winter-Themed Paper Wreath….

Well… I think I’m finally on the mend… I hope, anyway…:) Now, of course, my husband is sick with the same junk – and I’m sure the ladies out there can relate, without it being said, what that means..:) Although, I have to say – my husband (God Bless him) was quite the caretaker this past week having to put up with me:) especially since it is true what they say about nurses making less than awesome patients…:) However, I think he is the last in the household to get it, Thank God…:) So, Here’s to A Healthy Household!

Anyway, I feel like I’m trying to play catch up! Queen of My Craftroom’s DT Challenges are always posted on Sundays, and although we have a week after the challenge posting to get our projects done, I’m usually ready & rearing to go that same Sunday… This past Sunday, though, not so much… However, I’m now ready – early by the challenge standards, late by my own:)

This week’s challenge was a Winter-Theme Altered Project! I’m a huge Altered-Project fan – they are my favorites by far! I love them purely on the fact that I like to make things that can be displayed, which most altered projects are:) There are so many adorable paper design collections out there these days, that I hate having to always hide them away in an album that doesn’t get looked at nearly enough!

I decided to do a Paper Wreath for my project.  I went back and forth between a couple different ideas, but went with the one that I’d actually use at the present moment:) This was due to me packing up my holiday decor and realizing my Ornament Wreath, that I had made at the beginning of the season, was pretty ‘Christmas-y’ looking… I felt that if I left it hanging up outside, I’d look like one of those people who leave their Christmas Lights up thru spring – or should I say, leave their lights up – and turn them on nightly – thru spring…. and I didn’t want to be that person… 🙂 So, I figured it was time to switch it out…

I have a couple different ‘Winter/Christmas’ paper lines in my craft compilation that I love, but since the Holidays are over, I wanted to make sure I picked a collection that wasn’t too red/green themed.. So, I went with an old-time favorite, October Afternoon‘s ‘Good Cheer’:)  I knew for this project I’d need quite a bit of paper, and, since I still have SO much of ‘Good Cheer’ from OA’s Warehouse Sale this past fall, it worked out well!  I focused on the pinks and blues of the collection, so I think I managed to present more of a ‘winter-y’ feel, than a ‘Christmas-y’ feel… You can judge for wreath11photo (2)   It was very simple to make as well…. I used a wire wreath that I had around the house (), but I’ve seen this mainly done using Styrofoam wreaths from any craft store.  All you have to do it cut out a bunch of 1″ x 6″ strips of paper, loop them in half, staple loops at the end, & hot-glue them around the wreath! (using the wire wreath, I looped each strip around the wire, and then stapled one staple on top of the wire it was looped around, and also stapled beneath the wire to make sure it stay put. I proceeded around all the wire circles, except for the inner wire circle where you’d be able to see the staple – there I just hot-glued the loops around the wire.) After the wreath was full, I then sliced thin 10-12″ long strips of paper, curled them around a pencil so they’d stay curly-q, and sporadically hot-glued them around the wreath to fill in the gaps or hide any exposed wire from the wreath.  I did the same thing with some random pieces of ribbon and some of the paper collection’s accompanying punch-out shape embellishments. I also added some of my own Cricut-Made die cuts of snowflakes, hearts, and stars to mix things up a bit:)

I originally got the idea from a post I saw on Crate Paper‘s Blog shown here, but they show it using a smaller wreath and sewing the loops together before gluing them to the wreath, so it’s a slightly different variation, but cute none-the-less:)

I hope you enjoyed my wreath, and don’t forget to head over to Queen of My Craftroom’s Blog and see what some of the other DT girls came up with:)

Thanks for stopping by!

~ Carrie

“These things I have spoken to you, that in Me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.” John  16:33

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2 Responses to Winter-Themed Paper Wreath….

  1. Andrea says:

    OMG!! LOVE THIS wreath….so stinkin’ adorable. I am going to give it a try, so cute. I am glad you’re feeling better. HUGS! 🙂

  2. lise says:

    Just beautiful.

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