There’s Always Enough Snow for a Snowman in MN!

Hello, Everyone!

I hope everyone’s first taste of 2012 has been a good one:)  I’ve been crazy busy – I foolishly thought things would calm down after the holidays, but, alas, not the case…. In fact, I swear it’s wilder than ever!  I guess cleaning up after the party is never as fun as setting up for it:) (and no… I have not taken down my Christmas stuff yet…)     😉

Anyway, on to the Topic of the Day: The ‘Queen of my Craftroom‘-Weekly-Design-Team-Challenge!! This week we were challenged to create a ‘Winter-Themed’ card with a Snowman on it – fun, right?

Of course, this gave me the perfect excuse to dig out my all-time favorite winter paper line ever: ‘Snow Day‘ by Crate Paper… Love It!  Love the bright, non-traditional colors…. love the signature Crate Paper vintagy-distressed feel…. love everything…. Love It!

With a name like ‘Snow Day‘, I’m sure it’s easy to foresee that Snowmen play a major theme in the collection’s papers & embellishments… So, whipping up a few Snowman Cards was, as my 8yr old says, “Easy-Peezy, Lemon-Squeezy”! I think they turned out pretty cute, but you can look below & make up your own mind… 🙂





A Little More Detail….   

If the above Snowman looks a little familiar, it’s because it once donned the top of a gift I showcased a couple posts back:) In the post I showed a photo of a gift I wrapped & embellished using ‘Snow Day‘ for my Mom (it was an accompanying gift to her Echo ParkSpringtime Birdhouse‘…).  So, after she opened this gift – her Angry Bird iTouch Case – on Christmas Eve, I asked if she wanted to keep what was left of the gift wrap; if not, I’d find a use for the leftover scraps:) I managed to salvage the main embellishment, the Snowman, & most of it’s surrounding patterned paper. I took it home, cropped it, tore & ink distressed it’s edges, and placed it as one of my card’s Main Attractions!  I was not about to let something so cute go to waste… 🙂

Speaking of cute….  😉 Now that this week’s challenge is posted, let me update you on some cute stuff I’m working on…. Currently, I’m putting some finishing touches on my Monthly Card Swap’s Valentine’s Day Cards…. I am super stoked on how fun they are turning out! Working on the Card Swap totally put me in the spirit and I ended up making quite a few different designs – enough to fill up my quota needed for Valentine’s Day Cards…. Over A Month Early! Unheard Of!  Here’s a little sneak peek;)

  Who’d of thought Echo Park‘s ‘Playground‘ could be so romantic?  🙂
Stay Tuned ……

Be sure to bundle up & head on over to Queen of my Craftroom’s Blog to check out the other lovely ladies’ Winter-Snowman Challenge cards!

Have an Awesome Week!!!

~ Carrie

‘And those who know Your name will put their trust in You, For You, O LORD, have not forsaken those who seek You.’ Psalm 9:10

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