Photo Editing….

I am up to my neck in Christmas Gift Projects – hopefully I’ll be able to get them all done:)  Today after church,  my husband, Kelley, & step-son, Jon, stopped for a spur-of-the-moment mini photo shoot for an altered frame I’m making for Jon to give to his mom for Christmas, so I thought I’d do a post on photo editing – CarrieStyle:)

I’ve been big into photography since I was young – probably because my dad was a professional photographer, so I guess the interest trickled down to me:) I took photography classes thru out High School & College and loved learning how to control different aspects of a photo by minute adjustments. It was in these classes that I also fell in love with Candid Portrait Shots and B & W photos – Old School B & W… with the high contrast & all:)  One would think I would have kept up with photography as a hobby when I had kids – since, usually, what is a parents favorite subject? Their Kids, of course:), but instead, I fell away from it…. It was too much trouble to adjust the f-stop and change the shutter speed and then hope your kid is still doing the cute thing he was doing 10 minutes ago when you wanted to take the picture in the first place; plus, everything was getting digital and it was a pain to actually use film, develop it, download the disc of photos that came with the developed pictures, edit the 5 out of the 25 taken that look decent, and then send those in for developing…. So I just left the picture-taking up to my parents and asked for doubles:) That is, up until recently…

I’ve seen the high contrast, extreme altered colors of the photos that seem to be in style now these days… It appears the Rules of Composition are no longer an absolute with edgy angles & variable lighting appearing all over the place in professional photography.  I’m loving this:)

So I thought I’d just show some examples of different effects I use on my photos:

I will usually do some version of these 4 editing techniques on each photo I want to use:

1) B & W (High Contrast)

2) Faded Color (High Contrast & Exposure)

3) Antique/Sepia

4) Occasionally: Bright Color (High Contrast & Color Saturation)

What effect I use also depends on the project I’m doing; for example: the mini album I’m making right now using October Afternoon’s ‘Sidewalks’ wouldn’t look right using standard colored photos due to the collection’s palette is soft with playful pastels… I pondered B&Ws, but then I would lose the beauty of some stellar shots taken of my Mom’s Garden… I also didn’t want to lose the conformity of the album by mixing B&W with another colored effect for those few pictures either… So, instead, I did a Faded/Antique effect on all pics in the album! So far, they’re really meshing with the collection’s colors:)

Anyway – below are a few of the photos I took today – with the original first & examples of the above effects following in order of BW/Faded/Antique:

All these were taken in front of an old brick wall of a random store we passed on the way home from church! With in 10 minutes, I’d gotten my shots! I guess a good portrait doesn’t necessarily need a staged background or a lot of time:)

My step-son, Jon (it took a few shots to finally get this smile – but it was worth it:) this pic is now my fave..)

My husband Kelley & Jon

Jon – this is my other fave… he looks so serious, lol:)

Anyway – I hoped this gave you some fun ideas on how to alter photos to tweak some upcoming projects:) I’ll be sure to post the final projects that I’m using these photos in when I finish them… I’ll also get my other 2 sons pics that were taken at a photo session with my dad posted when I’m finished editing them…:)

Hope you a good weekend:)    If you’re in MN, hope you enjoyed the above freezing heat wave we had this weekend – I hear it’s not going to last:(


all above pictures were taken with iPhone 4S (i know, right?) and edited using iPhoto for Mac

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