Just some OA inspiration…

I was thinking I’d do some ‘catch up’ blogging today on a few cards I made using one of my faves: October Afternoon!

I don’t know about you, but I’m a huge fan of October Afternoon’s products! I recently had a chance to meet some of the ladies over at OA during their Annual Warehouse Sale they had this past fall and I have to say – the people over there rock just as much as their paper:)

Anyway, I have an overabundance of OA stuff in my craft area – especially after their warehouse sale – so I use OA quite a bit (Yea!!). I love that their collections are so versatile – I’ve used them in cards for kids, teens, my grandma, etc… and they actually have some lines that I can use with masculine cards/projects without me thinking the end product looks about as dull as my Dad’s sock drawer… They rock all the way around:)

So, here’s a little inspiration of a variety of their collections…..

These first 4 Birthday Cards below are from OA’s ‘Fly a Kite’ Collection:

This next Birthday Card, (which was for my Gardening-Loving Grandma:), is from the ‘Modern Homemaker’ Collection:

These next 2 were made using OA’s ‘5 & Dime’:

And the last 3 were created using a mixture of OA collections – a little of ‘Rocket Age’ for the embellishments, but mostly ‘Campfire’ for the paper – which became a new fave after I got a whole bunch of ‘Campfire’ products at the warehouse sale:0)….

I’m working on a mini album right now for a Christmas Gift using October Afternoon’s ‘Sidewalks’, and if you have not seen it yet – check it out! It Is Delicious! Easily my new favorite!!! It’s so adorable that I actually don’t want to use it – I want to stockpile it and save it for that one super special project…:) I’ll post some sneak peaks soon….

That’s all I have for you today, so I hope it gave you some ideas and, of course, some inspiration;)


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