Quick Little Birthday Card…

My oldest son is turning 11 on Monday (Yay!!), so I thought I’d do a quick little post on his birthday card!

I actually already gave him his gift…  (I’m like a little kid when it comes to gift giving – especially if I know they’re going to love it… I can’t wait to give it to them! Literally.. I can’t wait to give it to them – my gifts tend to come early:)  So anyway, all I have for Monday is his card & a cake – although I might sneak in something little:)

I used My Mind’s Eye’s ‘Lime Twist ~ Fly a Kite’ for his card; it’s a fun ‘Celebrate’ line & kind of ‘boyish’.  I got the collection a while back & haven’t done anything with it, but I really liked the bright primary colors and different patterns, so I’m thinking I’ll be using more of it:)
Below are pictures of the card and envelope (which, on a side note, you’ll notice I always line my envelopes with paper of the collection I used for the card…. I just like the look of it and I think it adds a finishing touch…)

The collection is pretty universal, but I’ve just always liked the solid primary colors for cards & projects for my 3 boys:)

I think he’ll like it:) He tells me to not do the ‘babyish’ stuff for him anymore.. since, as he says: ‘Mom, I’m a ‘Man’ now’! Of course I always retort with ‘You’ll always be my baby’ – usually in front of his friends if I can help it:)

Have great Saturday!


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