Cute (and Cheap) Gift Bags!

Just a quick post this afternoon ~ Hope you enjoy it:)

As I was wrapping all my Black Friday deals, I noticed there were a few presents I didn’t have big enough boxes for. Now, I’ll resort to a gift bag in an emergency, but for the most part, I wrap all my presents – there’s just something I love about a perfectly wrapped gift with ornate ribbon & a matching gift tag! (Wrapping presents is a serious creative project – it’s the Martha Stewart in me:) However, if I do have to do the gift bags, which will be the case for a couple of gifts this holiday, I’ll usually try to at least make them unique using plain paper gift bags from the Dollar Store (3/$1) in either white or brown, and some fun scrapbook paper or holiday themed paper – it’s a great way to use leftover scraps:)

The pictures below are of a quick gift bag I made up last night in less than 10 minutes using a plain brown paper gift-bag, my Cricut, and October Afternoon’s ‘Good Cheer’ Collection… (I love that the collection allowed me to use pink tissue paper!!)


Like I said – cute, quick, & unique:)

Hope you have great day!



  and just a little sneak peak on what I’ll be up to tonight….. I can’t wait to see how it turns out!!

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One Response to Cute (and Cheap) Gift Bags!

  1. Chris says:

    Adorable!! Great idea of using those pesty old bags–would you come over and spruce mine up too?

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