Cute Little Birdhouse… and some catch-up…


Happy Thanksgiving! Isn’t this Birdhouse Delicious?

Anyway – after some mechanical difficulties & technical handicaps (which I’m going to blame on the computer, not operator error..), I think I finally have this blog up and running!! Yay! It’s been frustrating since my previous blog plunked out on me and I had issues with this one being hacked – but I am now on the up & up:)

So – now it’s time to play catch up….and since I’m waiting for a couple of my Black Friday stores to open, I thought I’d start this daunting task..

I figured I’d start out with my most recent project and post as I finish upcoming ones – with a few catch up ones in between.. And I should have quite a few upcoming ones since I’ve taken on the challenge of making the majority of my Christmas Presents this year:)

My most recent endeavor was making a birdhouse for my Mother-in-Law. My In-Laws have a cabin up north that my Mother-in-Law dubbed ‘Rose Haven Cottage’.  She’s such an outdoorsy person & loves spending the warmer months up there gardening, I thought I’d make a mini ‘Rose Haven Cottage’ 🙂 I used Echo Park’s ‘Country Drive’ and I think it turned out really cute with the bright fun colors!

Here are some different views:


I did coat everything with Outdoor Mod Podge & then sealed it with Mod Podge Acrylic Sealer spray, so I suppose it might survive a few days out in the great outdoors… but since this is MN and the winters here can be harsh, I think I’ll suggest it stay indoor for decoration only:)

Hope you had a great Turkey Day – I’m off for more Black Friday Deals:)


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