New Territory….

Since I got into paper crafting a few years ago, I’ve been wanting to set up a ‘blog’ (all the kids are doing it — I didn’t want to feel left out:p) And I also wanted a newly designated place to log all my projects & network, instead of clogging up my Facebook albums with all my ‘CraftyStuff’…. So – here I am… in uncharted territory… It’s a little more difficult than I thought, but despite my technological handicaps, I seem to be muddling through:)

 To touch on my background – I’ve always loved art & photography since I was a kid & used to draw/paint quite a bit until after high school; then life took over with college, getting a real job, marriage & kids.  I still minimally kept up with my interests in photography – my dad did it professionally for years, so it’s in my blood – but everything else took to the back burner while I raised my boys & completed nursing school. 

Ironically, I actually used to scoff at my mom & sister when they would ask me along on their scrap-booking weekends – volunteering only to bring the snacks; they were quite surprised when I began showing more interest after a work injury had me on medical leave for a while… But, after a decade of non-stop running in the fast paced world of nursing, I suddenly was home… all day long… kids at school… & unable to clean or organize since my back wouldn’t allow me to hardly move…. I was so bored.  I soon discovered, however, that, while laying on the couch, I could sketch & design – and the projects took off from there. Added bonus was that people liked what I made! And I loved making stuff for other people – it took my focus off of me…  I would have to say, if it wasn’t for my creative side helping to keep my mind off the pain from my injury & keeping my boredom at bay, I think my poor family would have gone crazy:) But they’re all still here, so they must love me:)

Anyway – my thought is: if people visit my blog – great, I hope they find some inspiration; if not – oh well, no worries:)


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