Doodlebug Mini……..

I don’t know how your summer’s been treating you, but it’s been raining for 2 weeks straight up here in MN – and barely warm enough for shorts 😦  So, today I’m bringing some bright cheeriness to hopefully lift some gloomy spirits:)

First off is a delightfully bright album called ‘Happy Spring’ that I made using Doodlebug‘s ‘Flower Box’ Collection. I fell in love with the refreshing bright color palette of this collection the moment I saw it – it was so fun to work with and had a lot of different coordinating elements & embellishments to play with:)  And the delicious floral patterns are versatile enough for a variety of themes: sunny adventures, birthdays – basically all things that make everyday beautiful… So I thought this album would make a perfect memento for sweet memories, as well as a beautiful ‘display/decor’ piece, or an unique & treasured gift for any friend or family member!


HappySpringMiniAlbum cover 1HappySpringMiniAlbum openHappySpringMiniAlbum spreadHappySpringMiniAlbum4 HappySpringMiniAlbumPage1HappySpringMiniAlbumPage2HappySpringMiniAlbum5HappySpringMiniAlbumPage3HappySpringMiniAlbum6 HappySpringMiniAlbum7HappySpringMiniAlbum8 HappySpringMiniAlbumPage5 HappySpringMiniAlbumPage6HappySpringMiniAlbum9 HappySpringMiniAlbumPage7 HappySpringMiniAlbumPage8HappySpringMiniAlbum10HappySpringMiniAlbumPage9 HappySpringMiniAlbumPage10HappySpringMiniAlbum11HappySpringMiniAlbum12HappySpringMiniAlbum13HappySpringMiniAlbumPage12altHappySpringMiniAlbum14HappySpringMiniAlbumPage13 HappySpringMiniAlbumPage14HappySpringMiniAlbum15HappySpringMiniAlbumDetails1 HappySpringMiniAlbumDetails2 HappySpringMiniAlbumDetails3

     It’s a pretty decent sized album – I used the 6×6 burlap covered chipboard album by Little Yellow Bicycle, and it ended up being 8 pages long – 14 decorated pages – plus 8 double-sided card inserts for extra photos and journaling. Each page is loaded with handmade flowers & embellishments, journaling, and matching decorative frills – and I machine stitched borders around all the pages & photo placements 🙂 I mainly used the coordinating embellishments, but added some stick pins from lyb & Maya Road, as well as some enamel dots (one of my new product faves!) & brads from MME

Anyway – that’s it for now… Have a fabulous weekend!!  TFL & God Bless:)


Zephaniah 3:17a ‘The Lord your God is with you, the Mighty Warrior who saves. He will take great delight in you (NIV)

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a little OA & a little EP…….

Hi! Thought I’d do a quick post this lovely Saturday afternoon & show a couple albums I’ve finished up 🙂

First off is a mini-album titled “Love Everyday Happiness” I made using Echo Park‘s dreamy ‘Sweet Day’ Collection… I adore this collkection and couldn’t wait to do an album with it the moment I first saw it:) I love the whimsical & refreshing pastel colors, trendy ‘quilt-like’ patterns, and light & airy quaint elements – it’s like a summery day filled with ice cream and picnics:) The base album is 6×6 and has a total of 10 premade pages – 7 are chipboard with the cover, back, and middle pages being acrylic with descending tabs. So, total, there is 18 decorated front & back pages – which makes for a pretty hefty sized album:) As usual, there’s handmade flowers & embellishments, journaling, and matching decorative frills, as well as machine stitched borders & decorative ribbons framing every photo placement.

cobv  Mini Album Echo Park Love Everyday Happiness1 Echo Park 'Sweet Day' Mini Album Echo Park 'Sweet Day' Mini Album   Echo Park 'Sweet Day' Mini Album
Echo Park 'Sweet Day' Mini Album Echo Park 'Sweet Day' Mini Album Echo Park 'Sweet Day' Mini Album Echo Park 'Sweet Day' Mini Album Echo Park 'Sweet Day' Mini Album Echo Park 'Sweet Day' Mini Album image_1364844734 image_1364844801
1 16 14 2 17 image_1364844629 8 5 3  15 12 11 109 7 13 6
My next album was one I made for my Nephew’s girlfriend’s last Birthday using the ‘Chapter Insert’ pages & Mini Book from the appropiate celebatory October Afternoon’sCakewalk‘:
 'Celebrate' Birthday Album 'Celebrate' Birthday Album1 'Celebrate' Birthday Album2  'Celebrate' Birthday Album3 'Celebrate' Birthday Album4    'Celebrate' Birthday Album5 'Celebrate' Birthday Album6 'Celebrate' Birthday Album7 'Celebrate' Birthday Album8 'Celebrate' Birthday Album9 'Celebrate' Birthday Album10  
'Celebrate' Birthday Album11I love how cute and simple it turned out:) Something you can journal in, plus add photos & keepsakes…
My last album uses  October Afternoon’s ‘Cakewalk‘ again with a ‘WORD’ album from Bo Bunny as it’s base :
Super fun & original looking, but used up a lot of sandpaper shaping the edges – so, be warned if you’re looking to make one of these on your own… unless, of course, you have a ‘custom shape die-cutting machine’ – then I’m just jealous:)
party party1 party2    party3 party4 party5
party6 party7 party8 party9
Well, that’s it for today! Enjoy your weekend!

TFL & God Bless:)


The Lord has done great things for us,
And we are glad.        Psalm 126:3 (NKJV)

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More Spring Fever & another Mini Album…..

Today I thought I’d do just a quick ‘Springy’ post & show y’all another delightful little mini album I’ve dubbed “Sweet Fun”… I used Fancy Pants Design’s ‘Time for Spring’ Collection, which I fell in love with upon first sight due to the creamy pastels & lighthearted patterns. However, I have to say – putting this album together was a tad more time-consuming than usual due to the lack of matching embellishments. Fancy Pants usually has quite a few ‘coordinating’ items within each collection, but ‘Time for Spring’ only had one die-cut sheet to go with it’s paper-kit…. which was fine — it just meant I had to be more creative & hand-make a lot of my ‘decorative frills’ 🙂

I used a 6×6 chipboard base, and ended up using 8 squares – which means there’s a total of 14 decorated front & back pages. I usually don’t make my albums that big, but I liked the collection’s paper so much that I wanted a page for each different design;) I also ink-distressed the edges with Tim Holtz Distress Ink, which I think worked well with the colors and with the album & collection’s overall theme…

Sweet Fun Album Covers ‏  1

Sweet Fun Album Pages 1-2

Sweet Fun Album Pages 3-4

Sweet Fun Album Pages 5-6

Sweet Fun Album Pages 7-8

Sweet Fun Album Pages 9-10

Sweet Fun Album Pages 11-12

Sweet Fun Album Pages 13-14

Sweet Fun Album Back Cover

    Sweet Fun Album Details 12Sweet Fun Album Details 11Sweet Fun Album Details 13Sweet Fun Album Details 1 Sweet Fun Album Details 8 Sweet Fun Album Details 7 Sweet Fun Album Details 6 Sweet Fun Album Details 2 Sweet Fun Album Details 9 Sweet Fun Album Details 5Sweet Fun Album Details 4Sweet Fun Album Details 3 

Sweet Fun Album Front Spread Sweet Fun Album Back Spread

Well, that’s it for now… Have a great day!

TFL & God Bless:)


11 See! The winter is past; the rains are over and gone. 12 Flowers appear on the earth; the season of singing has come        Song of Solomon 2:11-12a (NIV)

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‘Cheer-Me-Up’ Mini Albums………

I’m definitely a sunny/summer person – I mean, I need my ‘Bask-In-The-Heat-&-Soak-Up-Vitamin D’ time to stay sane… This, however, contradicts everything Minnesota is about – especially during the months we have snow, which is basically September thru May  😦 (note that’s more than half of the year….)

Anyway, of course winter here in MN is dragging on & I’m in dire need of some sweet sunshine. So, I thought I’d attempt to brighten things up and start you with my fun ‘Hello Summer’ Mini Album:) I made this particular album a while ago… I used Echo Park‘s cheery ‘Hello Summer’ collection & a standard, plain 6×6 square chipboard album.  As you can see. each page is loaded with the bright, happy colors, machine stitched photo borders, and handmade ribbon & floral embellishments….

281109_425755334145254_1307828571_o  665632_425755614145226_186479594_o   56471_425755704145217_246675976_o photo (1) 664766_425755814145206_1068656684_o photo 617248_425755910811863_1270837011_o

Just looking at that album cheers me up:)


Moving on to spring…. This whimsical mini album up next, I call “Spring in Bloom”

Fun & lighthearted, this 5″x7″ album consists of 5 chipboard pieces – each covered with Little Yellow Bicycle’s cheery Deja Views C-Thru Spring Kit. Every page has Designated Photo Placement Areas, Handmade Flowers & Embellishments, Ribbons, Journaling, and other Adorable Decorations

382249_471723259548461_556775148_n528194_471723376215116_1377714246_n535495_471723386215115_1875117686_n482656_471723399548447_1985906133_n 26317_471724022881718_1227076269_n  181022_471723209548466_406315823_n


11583_471723302881790_854794509_n 533011_471723309548456_1205018751_n   479856_471723222881798_1784452484_n 66988_471723362881784_1302378656_n 524611_471723332881787_656874738_n 59731_471723249548462_1331749285_n 285607_471723346215119_1430284420_n 419199_471723262881794_1555755236_n 733903_471723292881791_1092832770_n

This playful & vibrant album is the perfect keepsake for those special spring-time memories, as well as everyday fun out in the garden or splashing thru April-Showers’ Puddles:)                  (I originally majored in business & marketing – can you tell? Lol;)….)


Last, but not least, I have a wonderful acrylic mini-album titled “Life is Good.” I used Echo Park on this one too – this time it was their bright, vintage-vogue collection called ‘For the Record 2 – Tailored‘. This collection’s stunning patterns and colors were inspired by the classic antique dressmaker shops, and have a chic distressed & eclectic appeal that works together beautifully.  I absolutely love it♥

Although, instead of my usual chipboard, this time I used a 6×6 Acrylic album.  It was a little different to work with – such as I found that since it left visible scratches on the surface, I wasn’t able to sand my edges down if the paper wasn’t perfectly shaped to fit the acrylic page….  This just meant that if something didn’t fit correctly, I had to gently sand down the paper’s edges before adhering it to the acrylic… which worked, but was tedious & fickle since it was hard to ‘de-flimsify’ the paper were sanding so it wouldn’t rip…  My already deficient patience exhausted quickly…. 🙂 I probably just have to come up with a different routine when I do an Acrylic Album – Live & Learn, right? 🙂 Anyway, overall, I really like the durable & solid feel to the finished product compared to a chipboard album…. And I love the unique & eclectic look of the framed cover & varying page shapes throughout the album…I think it turned out pretty good! 🙂

The Good Life Album cover 1 The Good Life Album 11111 The Good Life Album 2 The Good Life Album 3 The Good Life Album 4 The Good Life Album 5 The Good Life Album 6  The Good Life Album 7  The Good Life Album 8 

The Good Life Album 964803_466026050118182_514882460_n  12996_466019626785491_2012258868_n Life is Good Album Edited Details 6 526684_466026223451498_675115801_n 404554_466025563451564_340977316_n 188351_466019596785494_592528786_n 482498_466025540118233_700449076_n 426131_466025583451562_2092294853_n 543709_466019520118835_1086103648_n  72930_466019590118828_14566652_n Life is Good Album Edited Details 3 603889_466019530118834_2005316721_n Life is Good Album Edited Details 5 Life is Good Album Edited Details 4 48151_466025610118226_1089358562_n604012_466019576785496_1449958273_n 69268_466019436785510_922021921_n   16412_466025480118239_1227746000_n  


The Good Life Album Spread FrontThe Good Life Album Spread Back

With papers and elements of buttons, sewing machines, and beautiful florals, this sophisticated album is “Tailored” just for you and your beautiful memories…

(now that ad line is borrowed from Jessica Sprague, so… can’t claim that one, lol;)….)

Well, that’s it for now…
TFL & God Bless:)

-Carrie ♥

Philippians 4:7-8  
And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things. (NIV)
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More Valentine’s Day Mini Album Fun, plus an Awesome Giveaway……

As I mentioned in my last post – more Valentine’s Day albums were on the way… 🙂 So today I thought I’d show you these promised finished products! (and let you in on a little Giveaway I’m hosting this week…:)

Today’s first album is another Little Yellow Bicycle Valentine’s Album that was made using one of LYB’s Decorative Edge Paper Tablet & coinciding Album in the ‘Sweet Love’ Collection

Little Yellow Bicycle Sweet Love Album Little Yellow Bicycle Sweet Love Tab;et

I had a lot of fun making this album & think it turned out pretty cute:) Definitely has a ‘sweeter’, more traditional Valentine’s feel than my last LYB ‘Cupcake Love’ album, but still just as adorable:) and I still can’t say enough nice things about LYB‘s Decorative Edge Paper Tablets & matching albums! It makes ‘MiniAlbuming’ über simple – or, as my 8 yr old says, “EasyPeasy-LemonSqueezy” 🙂

Here’s the album pics – I titled it ‘LOVE’:

LOVE Album Cover‏ LOVE Album Page 1 LOVE Album Page 2 LOVE Album Page 3 LOVE Album Page 4 LOVE Album Page 5LOVE Album Page 6 LOVE Album Page 7 LOVE Album Page 8 LOVE Album Page 9 LOVE Album Page 10 LOVE Album Back some details…..

LOVE Album Details 11  LOVE Album Details 9 LOVE Album Details 1 LOVE Album Details 5 LOVE Album Details 10LOVE Album Details 7 LOVE Album Details 4 LOVE Album Details 8 LOVE Album Details 2  LOVE Album Details 6  LOVE Album Details 3

What do you think? I see this one as a little more versatile…. Not only could it be used for Valentine’s Day, but I think it’d work for any amorous occasion’s photos & memories – or maybe just some recollections/keepsakes of time with that ‘special someone’ 🙂

Now for the 2nd album…. and Giveaway:)  I know I mentioned using Little Yellow Bicycle’s “Cupcake Love” Envelope Album Kit for another V-Day album in my last post…. and I was going to showcase it in a posting the following day, but choose to wait until today instead…. this was because I decided to use this album as the prize for this week’s TPHH Weekly Giveaway! 🙂

Yup… it’s my turn to host our weekly giveaway over at The Paper Hen House🙂 With it being so close to Valentine’s Day, I thought having a Valentine’s Day Themed Album for my week’s TPHH Weekly Giveaway Prize would only be appropriate:) so, I selected this delightful 8×3 Envelope Album I fashioned from Little Yellow Bicycle’s ‘Cupcake Love’ Collection! It’s up for grabs FREE to the one lucky winner of this week’s TPHH Giveaway!

Sweet Cupcake Album CoverSweet Cupcake Pages 1Sweet Cupcake Pages 2Sweet Cupcake Pages 3Sweet Cupcake Pages 4Sweet Cupcake Pages 5Sweet Cupcake Pages 6Sweet Cupcake Pages 7Sweet Cupcake Pages 8Sweet Cupcake Pages 9Sweet Cupcake Pages 10Little Yellow Bicycle "Cupcake Love" Collection

Sweet Cupcake Album Inserts Front Sweet Cupcake Album Inserts Back

There is so much going on with this fun album, isn’t there?  All together, the album has 2 cardstock covered chipboard front & back covers, 5 reversible patterned cardstock envelopes – each holding double-sided cardstock inserts for journaling, as well as alternating journaling cards between each envelope! And all of it is loaded with handmade flowers & embellishments, ribbons, and decorative frills – as well as machine stitched framing around all the photo placement squares! 🙂 This little one-of-a-kind assembly is overflowing with places to document all your delightful memories:)

Now if you want a chance to get your hands on this album free of charge – just follow these few instructions to have your name entered into the Giveaway’s Drawing over at TPHH:

  1. First, show the chickies at The Paper Hen House some LOVE by hopping over to FB & “Liking” the TPHH Facebook Page….
  2. Then, share this fabulous giveaway on your own Facebook page….
  3. Lastly, comment on the Giveaway’s Post on FB to let me know you did the first 2 instructions before midnight on Thursday 2/7/13!

Simple, right? I will draw & announce the winner next Friday evening, 2/8/13, over at TPHH’s Facebook Page, so be sure to cross your fingers & tell your friends

TFL & God Bless:)


Song of Solomon 8:7    Many waters cannot quench love; rivers cannot sweep it away.  If one were to give all the wealth of one’s house for love, it would be utterly scorned. (NIV)

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Cupcake Lovin’…….

Today I’d thought I’d pay some homage to Little Yellow Bicycle since my blog entries have been ‘paper-crafting company’ themed lately:)
I’ve always been a big fan of LYB & have posted a couple albums in the past… (check ’em out here & here) I absolutly adore Snugglebug for baby albums & cards – it’s my favorite ‘go-to’ baby collection!)
But, since Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, I’d thought I’d show one of the Valentine’s Day albums I just finished using LYB’s ‘Cupcake Love’.

I used the collection’s Decorative Edge Paper Tablet with its accompanying Chipboard/Acrylic Album.


Now, I’ve used LYB’s albums before, but this was the first time I used any of the matching paper tablets with it….. I have to say: I’m a huge fan! I love the look of ‘decorative-edge’ albums and this was SO much easier than cutting/shaping/sanding paper to fit the chipboard! I just whipped out my ATG and this album’s base was finished in no time flat:) I’m actually working on another Valentine’s album using LYB’s ‘Sweet Love’ tablet & coinciding album:

SL-180.jpg LYB-104.jpg

– but that’ll be another post….;)

Anyway, here’s ‘Cupcake Love‘:

Cupcake Love Album Cover‏1

Cupcake Love Album 1Cupcake Love Album 2‏Cupcake Love Album 3Cupcake Love Album 4Cupcake Love Album 5Cupcake Love Album 6Cupcake Love Album 7 Cupcake Love Album 8Cupcake Love Album 9 Cupcake Love Album 10Cupcake Love Album 11 Cupcake Love Album 14 Cupcake Love Album 13 Cupcake Love Album 12Cupcake Love Album Back

and some close-ups….

Cupcake Love Album Details 1‏ Cupcake Love Album Details 2 Cupcake Love Album Details 6 Cupcake Love Album Details 10Cupcake Love Album Details 5Cupcake Love Album Details 8

Cupcake Love Album Details 7Cupcake Love Album Details 4Cupcake Love Album Details 11 Cupcake Love Album Details 3Cupcake Love Album Details 9

Don’t you just love the fun elements & colors of this collection? I just finished an envelope album with this same collection…. I can’t wait to do the pictures tomorrow & post it – it’s adorable;)


TFL & hope you got a little inspiration for some Valentine’s Day Creativity:)
God Bless:)


1 John 4:7  ‘Dear friends, let us love one another, for love comes from God. Everyone who loves has been born of God and knows God.‘ (NIV)

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Some Echo Park Mini Album Lovin’…..

Echo Park Paper Co. has been one of my favorite paper companies since they introduced their first collections back in 2010… I immediately fell in love with their fun, vibrant colors & playful themes – and become more and more enamored with each succeeding release;)
So today I thought I’d do some Echo Park representing with a few mini albums… 🙂

These first 2 are albums I made for my nieces…..
First one, “Dance Like No One is Watching”, uses one of EP’s Mini Themes: ‘Le Ballet‘:Dance AlbumCoverDance AlbumPg 1-2‏ Dance AlbumPg 7-8 Dance AlbumPg 5-6 Dance AlbumPg 3-4

Dance AlbumbackMy niece, Emily, is very much the dancer, so I thought the collection fit her perfect:)


This next one, “Little Girl”, uses EP’s ‘Little Girl’:Little Girl Album cover Little Girl Album pg 1-2Little Girl Album pg 3-4Little Girl Album pg 5-6Little Girl Album pg 7-8

Little Girl Album backMy niece, Gabby, adores purple… so I thought of her right away when I saw this collection:)  (I have to admit, though, – having 3 boys, it was kinda refreshing to use some Girly-Girl paper, lol!)


This 3rd album, “Sweet Girl” is another mini using EP”s ‘Little Girl‘.  I had quite a bit of the collection left over after my niece’s album, so I figured I might as well make another one while I had everything out:11623456789101112131416(I know the colors on this one’s photos are a little funky – but, I’ve never ran into this weird of a hue & had a heck of a time trying to ‘correct’ it the other night! arghh! & the pics still don’t look quite right!…. oh well…:)..)


This last one, “Summer Time”, is one of my favorites! I used EP’s ‘Summer Time’ – one of my all-time favorite collections:) Aren’t the colors bright & happy?summersummer3summer2summer1summer4


So, what do ya think? I’ve been checking out Echo Park’s new releases with CHA 2013 this last weekend – there’s definitely a few collections that I’m itching to get my hands on:

scoot_cover sweet_girl_cover

Not that I’m in need of any more crafting supplies in any way, shape, or form….. but, really – are we ever? 🙂

TFL & God Bless!

Proverbs 15:13a  A happy heart makes the face cheerful..’

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Catching Up & All Things ‘Dear Lizzy’……..

So, it’s been hard getting back into the swing of things after my back surgery last April, but I think I finally have gotten my groove back with balancing healing & rehab, FINALLY getting back to work, my crazy lil’ hooligans’ school & sports activities, attempting to make sure my house is not always in shambles (lol!), and making sure I have some time for de-stressing, aka crafting:) All I have to say is that God has been so good to me – there’d be no way I could of done it without Him:)

Over the 18 months that I was on medical leave, one of the things that kept me sane was my art & crafting… Anyone who knows me, knows I don’t do well sitting still, lol:) And when I’m forced to sit still, then I really go crazy! So, when my back kept me ‘flat on my back’, I turned to creativity to keep myself busy:) When I finally went back to work this last September, I took a look around & realized I had about 30 finished mini albums! Making albums is definitely a passion & led me to the fabulous TPHH (The Paper Hen House) Team! You have to check out the ridiculous talent on their page over at Facebook🙂 Not only is their creativity phenomenal, they’re also just a fun bunch of ladies;) However, being a member of TPHH, I’ve created even more fun mini’s – meaning I have a lot of blog catching up to do:) My 2013 goal is to keep up my blogging, so I’ll try to catch up ASAP!

Today I’m featuring a few albums using American Crafts “Dear Lizzy – Neapolitan” that I ‘sneak peek’d yesterday… As I’ve blogged before, I’m a huge Dear Lizzy junkie:) The beautiful Elizabeth Kartchner (the creator of all things Dear Lizzy) is extraordinary at combining gorgeous color palettes & coming up with fun embellishments for crafting. {She’s also quite the snappy dresser, btw, and has some really cute ideas & tutorials for DYI fashion on her site, so be sure to check them out;)} Anyway, take a look below at the 3 chipboard mini albums I made using Neapolitan:

Album 1:

'Sunny Days' Album'Sunny Days' Album1'Sunny Days' Album3 'Sunny Days' Album2'Sunny Days' Album4'Sunny Days' Album5'Sunny Days' Album6

Album 2:

'Smile' Album'Smile' Album1'Smile' Album2'Smile' Album3'Smile' Album4'Smile' Album5'Smile' Album6'Smile' Album7'Smile' Album8

'Smile' Album77

'Smile' Album88'Smile' Album9

Album 3:

Sweeter Together Mini AlbumSweeter Together Mini Album2Sweeter Together Mini Album1Sweeter Together Mini Album3Sweeter Together Mini Album4

I absolutely love the soft, creamy ‘ice cream’ colors of this line! And, as you can see, I finally got my sewing machine working & was able to use machine stitching as a photo border… I just love the look of machine stitching in paper crafting – it adds a fun texture & look;)

Hope you enjoyed looking & be sure to keep checking back for more!
TFL & God Bless!

Philipians 4:13
“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” (NKJV)


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Some Mini Album Lovin’…..

I know it’s been forever since I posted, but here’s a sampler of what I’ve been up to…..

















As you can see, I’ve been a busy bee:)  Stay tuned for details…. 🙂

Thanks for stopping by & God Bless!


Colossians 3:23 “Whatever you do, work it with all your heart, as working for the LORD, not for human masters.” (NIV)

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it’s a hodge-podge post – filled with mini-albums and frames………..

Hello, Everyone!

I hope ya’ll are having the same gorgeous sunshine that we’re finally having up her in MN! Dare I say it? Has Summer arrived? 🙂 I gotta tell ya though, I got major sunshine-fever…. The pavement and my iPod have been calling my name! Unfortunately, I still have 3 more weeks until I can even ASK for clearance from my doctors to start running again 😦  But, I can’t complain too much – they are now allowing me to take short walks – which, when I think about it, makes sense. Walking is probably the best way to ease into things….  I have to remind myself that I haven’t been able to go running for a year and a half since my back injury, so it’s unlikely I’m going to be able to start back where I left off in my old routine:) But, with some PT and taking it slow, I’m really hoping to get back to it!

Now, I know it’s been a while since I last posted – but it’s been crazier than ever around here since my surgery last month!  I’m healing nicely from my disc replacement & I definitely feel better than I did before the procedure, but my surgeon says we won’t know the full outcome until I’m 6 weeks post-op – so keep your fingers crossed! However, since I’ve been recovering, things just seem to take a little longer than normal – especially since my incision involves all my major abdominal and core muscles…. muscles which are used in every stinking, possible human movement, lol!  But, I’m muddling thru & have learned I just have to prioritize… unfortunately, blogging had’t made the cut until recently 🙂 Sorry!

So! On to crafting! Today’s post is kind of a ‘hodge-podge’ of things – a little bit if this, a little bit of that…. I thought I’d post another Baby Mini-Album I made using my all time baby-fave line: Little Yellow Bicycle’s ‘Snugglebug Boy’  I had made this for my sister to give as a shower gift for one of her ladies from church & it went over pretty well! Everyone seemed to like it, so perhaps I’ll have to start up some ‘Mini-Album Side-Jobs’! One never knows….! 🙂  I also have a re-finished altered photo frame using some October Afternoon that I finally got around to finishing – as well as some awesome news that I’ll save for the end!

First up: Baby Mini Album:



Products Used:

*Paper & Embellishments (unless otherwise noted below): ‘Snugglebug’ Collection (boy) – Little Yellow Bicycle

*White Foam Letters/Red Foil Corrugated Alphas: Thickers – American Crafts

*Twine: Multicolored Baker’s Twine – Martha Stewart (in red & brown); stock hemp twine

*Ribbon & Buttons: various from multiple collections and manufacturers 

*Chipboard: Combined Various Shaped Packs found at Michaels

*Tools: Shape & Border Punches used from Fiskers, EK Success, & Martha Stewart; Epiphany Crafts Studio Pennant Shape Tool, Mod Podge; Scotch Double-Sided Tape and Mounting Tape

As you can see in my past posts, I really love this collection for baby projects. I also have so much of it that it’s is my ‘go-to’ for Baby Mini Albums:)  It’s been strange though – I have had so many friends and gift requests for people having babies recently, and they’ve ALL been BOYS! Not a girl in the bunch! Needless to say, when my sis-in-law told us she was expecting later this year and the ultrasound showed a girl – I was super excited! Excited for her and her husband, but also excited that I finally get to use Baby Girl Paper, lol! 🙂

Anyway – on to my 2nd project:  An Altered Frame using October Afternoon’s ‘Go Fly a Kite’ Collection:

This was a super fun & easy project! I’ve actual had this frame laying around since before Christmas; I think I bought it unfinished at Micheals last November.  I had sanded it right away & modge podged the paper on – thinking I was going to use it as a gift – but never did! So, when I found it last week in my craft closet, I stuck one of my favorite quotes in it & fancied it up a with some quilled butterflies from Martha Stewart Crafts! Cute, huh?

Products Used:

*Frame: ArtMinds™ Square Unfinished Wood Frame

*Paper & Embellishments (unless otherwise noted below): October Afternoon ‘Go Fly a Kite’ Collection

*Butterfly Stickers: Martha Stewart Crafts Quilled Butterfly Stickers

*Tools:  Mod PodgeScotch Double-Sided Tape 

And….. on the Fun News: Here is some personal awesomeness – one of my cards was published in this month’s CARDS Magazine! This was my first publication, so I was super thrilled about it 🙂  Check out the spread below – the first picture is this month’s ‘CARDS Magazine’ May 2012 cover, followed by my card, page 121:


Pretty Cool, right? You can check out the full issue at Northridge Publishing’s site by clicking here. They have present and past issues in both printed & digital to purchase as well:)

Well, I think that’s it for today – I’m going to go out and enjoy some sunshine before it gets too late!

Thanks for stopping by & God Bless!


“Because of the tender mercy of our God, by which the rising sun will come to us from heaven” Luke 1:78 

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